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100% performed by your physician Dr. Mathias, every time

Meet with Dr. Mathias to craft your individualized treatment plan,  leverage scientific expertise & bring out your natural beauty. 

What's your skin concern?

Rejuvenate your Face

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Laser Treatment


  • 2022's most innovative therapy award

  • Facial resurfacing with 1/2 the downtime

  • Nonablative therapy safe for darker skin tones

  • Ask for pricing

    • Low energy $999​

    • High energy ranges by Joule

Hair Removal Treatment

Alma Co2 Machine

  • Fix sagging skin

  • Co2 resurfacing of face


Combat Waning Immunity

  • IV therapy

    • ​Pricing dependent on solution ($50-325)​​

    • Glutathione $149

    • B12 shot $49

    • Vit C by gram

  • Circulation therapy

  • Massage therapy

Young Woman Lying in Bed Wearing Lingerie

Intimate Lightening

  • Improve underarm, inner thigh & intimate darkening

  • Most aggressive treatment available

  • #1 premier center in So Cal

  • Ask for pricing 

    • Range dependent on extent of darkening & skin tone​

Image by Curology

Treat Hair Loss

  • Keravive Treatment 

  • PRP Hair Rejuvenation

    • Package of 3 $1699​

    • Stem Cell derived add ons available

  • IV therapy

Model Posing


  • Reduce Intimate Laxity

  • Experience improved intimacy

  • Most aggressive nonsurgical treatment available

  • Package of 3 Treatments $3360

Real Patients with Real Results

Marble Surface

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